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Michelle Dost

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Michelle Dost

Michelle joins Sabra with a B.A in History, numerous college credits in Elementary School Education and has extensive experience with art, including but not limited to university-level training. Michelle has worked as an online ESL teacher to children in China, where she is TESOL certified (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Currently, she teaches Introductory Elementary French online to 4-8 year old students. She has also had the privilege of working as a 5th grade private school teacher, Montessori summer teacher and tutor for the America Reads Challenge program. Michelle has spent a number of years homeschooling her 4 children, worked as a local Church Youth Group leader, Sunday School Teacher and Children’s Ministry Coordinator as well as taught art for preschool to high school age students. She is a lover of art, history, music and baking all things gluten free. In her free time, she also enjoys playing softball and hiking with her family. It is Michelle's philosophy to make the learning environment a place where everyone feels welcome, recognized and encouraged. Because she has loved art since she was young, she also makes it a point to include that love of creativity in everything she does, whether it be teaching someone how to read, or how to create a sculptured masterpiece. Oftentimes, traditional approaches to education alienate learners that thrive using non-traditional approaches, which is why Michelle feels it is so important to teach from as many angles as possible. We all absorb and retain information in our own unique way, so to have a multifaceted approach can only give more opportunities for each learner to do just that.

Michelle truly looks forward to meeting you, passing on her love of creativity and learning and creating a welcoming classroom environment where each child is able to shine!

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