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Let's Learn to Draw

Private Art Instruction


Live on Zoom

About the Course


In this ongoing class, learners will have fun creating and drawing a variety of images, with a weekly topic as a prompt(ex. ocean mammals, how to draw a whale and make it look three dimensional), all while getting to know other learners and practicing sharing and socializing with new friends! This laid back class is designed to build learners confidence in sharing their artwork (if they so choose) in a friendly and fun environment, all while allowing freedom to tap into their own imagination!! I will share important techniques and ways to enhance their artwork all while allowing them the freedom to let their creative minds be their guide. Students can also leave drawing topic requests in the class chat box for the next class.

Class Supplies

Each student should bring a Drawing Sketchbook to class or 3 pieces of loose leaf computer paper may work as well (although sketch pads generally are stronger and help the student see their progress as well as keep their creations in one place. I also recommend each student have a pencil along with a white eraser (these are gentler on the paper and leave less smudges).

They also may bring crayons or pencils to fill in their art work with. I may request a specific drawing medium depending on the weekly topic. In that situation, you will receive a note prior to our class start time letting you know what to have handy.

Lastly, I also recommend student's bring a ruler along. When we cover topics like perspective, rulers are an important tool to also have available! Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing the many creative masterpieces

$70 per week
Ages 4-8
3-7 participants
By appointment
Mon, 6:30-6:55pm (EST)

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