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Rachel Lee

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Rachel Lee

Rachel comes to Sabra Global Education as an art teacher of five years specializing in storytelling and narrative art for middle school through high school. Several of her students have gone on to pursue the arts at a collegiate level. Previous to teaching her own courses, she worked as a teaching assistant for several college art classes over a period of one and a half years. In addition to teaching in-person, Rachel has successfully mirrored her course into an online format. Alongside teaching, Rachel has been commissioned to create illustrations for card games, educational material, and stationary.

During her free time, Rachel enjoys researching and sewing historic reproduction clothing. She spent the last two years learning to hand sew with historic techniques, and is currently creating wardrobes appropriate for the late 18th and 19th centuries. When she can, she takes her sewing outside. She doesn’t feel at home unless she’s in a space with ample natural light. In the evenings she enjoys playing cozy or immersive video games, and often plays while chatting with friends in a voice chat.

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