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Peggy Ann Perdomo

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World Languages, Reading, Math

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Peggy Ann Perdomo

Peggy Ann Perdomo is a native Spanish speaker with 25 years of teaching experience in Elementary school. She has two degrees in education and a masters in Psico-pedagogy. She loves teaching her native tongue to children and adults, for a new language opens doors to other cultures and experiences.

In her leisure time, she loves hiking, enjoying nature, and her family.

Most Recent Reviews

average rating is 5 out of 5

You know you've found a great fit for your child in a tutor when she leaves her hour long tutoring session with a smile on her face and the motivation to practice a language she typically feels discouraged to speak! Ms. Peggy is patient, encouraging, sensitive to the needs of your student and willing to give excellent suggestions in how to remember words and phrases that make sense and are easy to remember! I would highly recommend taking Ms. Peggy's tutoring sessions! She's great!


1-on-1 Spanish Lessons

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