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Michael Traylor, MDiv

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Michael Traylor, MDiv

Mr. Michael Traylor is a Middle School teacher at Icahn Charter School in the Bronx, NY, with a background in Science and English. Michael has a background in serving a vast variety of students—ethnicities, religions and identities. He has taught in various education settings—preschool, intellectual and developmental disabilities (or as Michael likes to say, “different ability”) and secondary learning. Throughout the course of his career, Michael has served in various vocational settings—educational, non-profit and ministry. Over the last 10 years within ministry and education contexts, Michael has seen tremendous growth in his students and himself. Michael exclaims, “Every teacher needs a teacher. Every pastor needs a pastor. Every counselor needs a counselor. I would have not had any right to engage those across from me if I were not open to learning myself.”

Michael has an M.Div. in Theology and Bible from Alliance Theological Seminary and Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Nyack College. Guided by his belief for continual learning (both conventional and unconventional), Michael plans to pursue his master’s in Education Technology. This will be followed by a master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. Michael believes that education must be holistic—embracing the mind, body and spirit. This passion has taken Michael to places, such as Israel, Cuba, South Africa and the Caribbean. More importantly, Michael’s love for people has brought him in deep connection with his immediate community.

In his free time, Michael enjoys journaling, reading, traveling, docuseries, music and a variety of new cuisines. He currently lives in Carmel, NY.

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