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Maya Goreshnik

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World Languages, World Religions

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Maya Goreshnik

Maya joins Sabra with a B.A Judaic Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. her extensive learning includes Biblical studies, modern Jewish literature, and, Jewish history. With 32 years of classroom experience across various primary and junior grades, Maya also specializes in Hebrew language acquisition.

She currently works with children of various ages and grades and adults. Based on her students’ learning styles and needs, she creates individualized language programs to best support their learning journey and educational experience. She has also done training in Biblical artistic expression.

Additionally, Maya is a mother of two and a new grandmother. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading and baking. Maya is trilingual - speaking Russian, Hebrew and English.

It is Maya’s philosophy that learning is holistic. It must be student led and interest based. She is looking forward to educate inquisitive minds and inspire life-long learners!

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