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Ken Welch, PhD

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Ken Welch, PhD

Dr. Ken Welch has nearly 35 years of practical and spiritual leadership experience. He has served churches and ministries in senior and associate roles in addition to his background in numerous marketplace opportunities, most recently as the award-winning owner and CEO of an executive search and staffing solutions firm. In his desire to help develop and equip leaders, Ken has augmented his practical and spiritual experience with complementary academic credentials. Ken earned a Ph.D. in Leadership, an MBA, and a master's degree in Christian Studies. These credentials have allowed Ken to pursue his passion for teaching. Ken has over ten years of Hire Education teaching experience at Institutions such as the Martin Tuchman School of Management at NJIT, Rutgers Business School, Silberman College of Business at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Pillar College. Additionally, Ken spent several years as a part-time Business Education Teacher at Veritas Christian Academy in Sparta, NJ, teaching Dual Enrollment courses to their High School students for college credit.

When he is not in the office, a church, or a classroom, Ken’s favorite activity is spending time with his wife of nearly 37 years (Sonja Welch) and their four adult sons. Ken and the guys' go-to activity is checking out a movie together. Having grown up as a huge comic book collector, Ken is an avid Marvel Studios fan, absolutely thrilled to see his childhood superheroes on the big screen. When not in a movie theater, Ken also loves traveling. Costa Rica has been one of Ken's favorite places to visit, both for preaching and teaching, as well as for vacation.

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