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John Malanca

John Malanca, a thought leader in a number of emerging industries is thrilled to be involved in growing educational opportunities through Sabra Global Education. He commented, “Wow, traditional learning in a non-traditional way!” and thus embodied the mission of our company.

John joins our team as CMO, or Chief Marketing Officer. John is the Founder and CEO of United Patients Group, a leader in information and a patient support organization. John has been interviewed by the US Congress, Harvard, CNN, The Washington Post, Forbes (to name a few) and was the host of the global docuseries, The Sacred Plant.

Prior to founding UPG, John thrived in the advertising world and brought his International expertise to his work in the healthcare field. John grew up in Tokyo, Japan and Manila, Philippines as well as in Ghent, Belgium as an adult and still enjoys traveling and learning to this day although his beloved San Francisco Bay Area is home.

Immersing himself in various cultures is natural and familiar to him. To date, John enjoys a healthy lifestyle of mind, body and spirit. John believes in a compassionate approach to Health and Healing and has dedicated his career to alleviating pain, suffering and education.

In October 2017, John was faced with terrible heartache. His best friend, his wife, his business partner, but, most of all, his soulmate, Corinne Malanca, passed away from cancer. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end of June 2017.

John continues his work in honor and loving memory of his beautiful wife, Corinne Malanca. John re-dedicated himself to helping others survive grief and believes and lives a healthy lifestyle of mind, body and spirit.

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