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Christopher Dost, PhD

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Christopher Dost, PhD

I am the CEO of Sabra Global Education for which I also teach world languages and ancient Near Eastern languages, religion, and history. Prior to forming Sabra I taught on the faculty of Sacred Heart University (Fairfield, CT), Alliance Theological Seminary (New York), Seminario Bíblico Alianza in Ecuador (Guayaquil and Quito), Bethlehem Bible College (Bethlehem, Palestine), The Jewish Theological Seminary (New York). Additionally, I have served as a member of the translation team for Accordance Bible Software's Targum English Translation of the ancient Aramaic Bible and have contributed to Biblia Hebraica Quinta, the new Hebrew Bible being produced by the German Bible Society.

I hold three master’s degrees and a Ph.D. (Jewish Theological Seminary, 2014) and am the author of two books: Jesus' Bible: A Concise History of the Hebrew Scriptures and The Sub-Loco Notes in the Former Prophets of Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia.

Outside of my work with Sabra, I serve as the Pastor of Northville Baptist Church (New Milford, CT, USA) and teach biblical languages and literature via my YouTube channel.

Most Recent Reviews

average rating is 5 out of 5


Let's Learn Spanish (sec. 2)

average rating is 5 out of 5

My son absolutely loves his Spanish for Young Learners with Dr. Chris (and Bahk Bahk the chicken!). He can’t wait for class to start and Dr. Chris has him engaged the whole time, which is quite a feat with my energetic 5 year old. He is starting to use some of his words after just a few classes and is excited to learn a new language. I couldn’t recommend this class or educator more highly. What a great asset to our homeschool repertoire.

Laura G

Spanish for Young Learners (sec. 1)

average rating is 5 out of 5

لقد اخذت درس البارحة مع الاستاذ كريس حقا استفدت كثير واعجبني الدرس لديه قدرة و امكانية معرفة نقاط ضعف الشخص في اللغه وكيفية تطويرها انه استاذ جيد اتمنى ان اتمكن من اخذ الكثير من الدروس معه لانها سوف تطور لغتي

I had lesson with teacher chris yesterday , it was helpful and i loved it , he has ability to know the weaknesses of a person’s language and how can he improve them, he is really good teacher and i hope to have a opportunity to take many lessons with him again because i want to improve my English

Omima A.

الإنجليزية الأمريكية للمحادثة

average rating is 5 out of 5

Chris is an expert in his field and provides a great class on how to speak Hebrew while also giving a more in-depth understanding of the language. I was able to speak several words and learned an overview on reading and writing the alphabet or “Aleph Bet” after the first class. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to start their language learning journey or to those who may need a refresher course.


Modern Hebrew

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