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Camille Walker, JD

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Law & Government

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Camille Walker, JD

Camille K. Walker J.D.

Visionary, Catalyst, Strategic Problem Solver, Conflict

Resolution, Ideation for High Performing Leaders

An experienced attorney Camille helped individuals for more than 20 years navigate legal challenges. Throughout her career she served on boards, performed volunteer work with the state bar association. Camille is no stranger to conflict resolution as she is a certified mediator.

Now in her second chapter Camille works in leadership development with executives and entrepreneurs as a mindset coach. Her specialty is helping high performers navigate transition and making the impact they want to create on work, relationships and the world at large.

Camille is a master at sorting through the clutter to find the best route. She sees patterns where others simply see the chaos. Camille has a proven track record in walking leaders through a fog of confusion to arrive at the chosen path-their strategy. Camille is a trainer, facilitator to organizations, teams and purpose-driven companies.

When Camille isn’t working she enjoys family, walking nature trails, reading and having spirited conversation with good cuisine. She enjoys learning growing and transforming life through serving others.

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