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The Crown

Families in Turmoil in Ancient Israel


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About the Course

The Crown: Families in Turmoil in the Ancient Israelite Monarchy

Disquiet and tumult within royal families is certainly not a new phenomenon. As we know, power can be a corrupting force and the royalty of ancient Israel were no exception to this axiom. In this four part course we will take a compelling look at some of the lesser-known biblical narratives depicting episodes of royal intrigue including: the power of queens and queen-mothers, dissension between kings and their progeny and dysfunctional relationships between royal couples.

Dr. Annette Kasle received her Doctor of Hebrew Letters in Hebrew Bible and Its Interpretation at the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2019. Her thesis topic was An Analysis of the Role of Shame and Shaming in the Tanakh. She teaches biblical narrative to mature learners. Prior to studying Tanakh she was an attorney at the Brookdale Center on Aging where she trained attorneys and social workers about what was then the newly emerging field of Elder Law.

$15 per week
Feb 5-26
Ages 18+
6+ Participants
4 classes, 50 min. each
Sundays, 7:30pm (EST)

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