Shared Scripture, Divided Faiths

Bible, Religion, History


Jews and Christians Enounter the Bible

About the Course

$20 per week

Jews call their Scriptures "Tanakh"; Christians call theirs, "The Old and New Testaments." In our course, we will examine the idea of "canon" as it took hold in Judaism and Christianity, and learn how each faith created its Sacred Scriptures in the early centuries of the Common Era. Following this we will survey how each religion sought to create meaning in its Scriptures, each in its own way, and how these meanings both diverged and converged, as antiquity gave way to the Middle Ages and beyond. We will meet once a week for an hour, each student should attend with a Bible in hand.

Ages 16+
Up to 25 participants
Begins Nov 6, 2022
Sundays, 7:30pm (EST)

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