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Private French Lessons

for Young Learners

World Languages

Live on Zoom

About the Course

Do your kids need to learn French or improve what they already know? Have them learn this beautiful language in a fun way with a native French speaking teacher! Learning new languages opens doors to new cultures and adventures, it helps you broaden your horizons and learn more about other parts of the world!

In the course of our French lessons, we will be addressing different topics in the French language.

Here is an example of our weekly topics:

Introductions and Greetings

Numbers (depending on age) & the Alphabet

The days of the Week

The Months of the Year



Parts of the Body

Parts of the House




Common phrases in French

These are ongoing lessons so you can join anytime!

$30 per lesson
Enroll anytime
Ages 4-12
25 min per class.
By appointment

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