Let's Learn French (4:30pm EST)

Beginner French Class

World Languages


About the Course

Bring your favorite stuffed animal along in this fun and interactive class, where students will learn the basics of the French language through songs, slides, activities, conversation and games!!

Class Experience Each week in this class, we will be introducing new material in a fun and exciting way! Below is a general list of what we will cover in this on-going class, although students will learn other related topics as well. An activity/worksheet sheet pdf link will be uploaded via our google class link every Monday, which students may refer to for that entire week. [If you sign up after Monday, I will just send you the pdf when you sign up]. The weekly activity/worksheet contains the new material for the week. While it is not a requirement to utilize this resource, I encourage parents to participate in the activity and/or worksheet throughout the week with their learners. The activity/worksheet reinforces in a fun hands on way what they are learning throughout the week. A link to all of the slides is also provided for enrolled learners after each class is completed as well for added reinforcement. This class is ideal for students with little to no background in French. The following is a sample of our weekly topics which we review regularly, so no matter when you sign up, material is covered again, but new information is also added! Greetings and Introductions Numbers 1-20 & Letters Feelings & Emotions Colors Shapes Body Parts Clothing Family Members People in our neighborhood Animals Food & Meals Weather & Days of the Week Sports and activities Basic Sentences

$16.60 per week
Ages 4-8
3-10 Participants
4x per week, 20 min. each
Mon-Thurs, 4:30-4:50pm (EST)

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