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Let's Learn Arabic (sec. 1)

For Young Learners

World Languages

Live on Zoom

About the Course

Join Dr. Chris & Bahk-Bahk for Arabic for Young Learners, which meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00-6:20pm EST (3:00-3:20pm PST). The class is a fun, interactive introduction to Arabic for young learners ages 4-7.

Each class begins with warm personal introductions in which we learn how to say "hello" and ask one another how we are doing. Introductions are usually followed by a fun welcome song sung in Arabic. During the main part of the lesson, we learn to talk about various everyday topics such as whether, time, numbers, colors, family, and other such topics.

Hope to see you in class!

Dr. Chris & Bahk-Bahk

$25 per week
Enroll anytime
Ages 4-7
3-10 Participants
20 min. per class
M/W, 2:00-2:20pm EST

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