Hey! What's That Sound?

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Phonics Foundations

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$20 per week

My name is Kari and welcome to “Hey, What's that Sound? Phonics Foundations.” In this class, we will learn the letters of the alphabet - one letter per class! In week one, I will introduce learners to the letter A. We will discuss: what does it look like? What sounds does it make? Can you find any (either by sight or sound) in the book we read? Our next class will focus on the letter B, the third class the letter C, and so on. This is a great class for young learners who may need some extra support in learning the alphabet, or understanding how to physically make alphabet sounds with their mouths (I am a speech therapist after all!) Learners are active participants in this class - everyone gets a turn! No experience is needed. Handwriting will not be taught in this class.

Ages 3-6
3-8 Participants
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