Et voilà !

World Languages, French



About the Course

Are you curious about France, its culture and language?

Et voilà! This class is for you!

In this ongoing class, you will learn the basics of the French language through real-life situations and conversations.

We will set our own class routine with greetings and news, and work on a new topic every week. Grammar is taught just like for natives while talking French.

Worksheets and access to the course slides will be provided for you to go back to it between two sessions.

Here is a sample list of the topics we will see :

Greetings, self-introduction, family members, numbers, age, occupations & hobbies, colors, fruits & vegetables, at the supermarket, pets & other animals, means of transport, clothes, directions, shapes, describing a person… and many more.

All the topics covered throughout the year will be regularly reviewed so that you can join in anytime.

$20 per class
Enroll anytime
Ages 9-12
20 min. per class
By appointment

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