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ELA Tutoring With Ms. Karen

Reading, Language & Spelling

Reading, Language Arts, Writing

Live on Zoom

About the Course

1-on-1 bilingual ELA (Reading, Language, Spelling) tutoring for Elementary students to help them overcome their learning gaps. Each session is tailored to the student's individual needs.

Tutoría bilingüe privada de Lectura, gramática y ortografía 1 a 1 para estudiantes de primaria ayudándoles  a superar sus brechas de aprendizaje. Cada sesión se adapta a las necesidades individuales del estudiante.

White sheet of paper / Hoja blanca de papel  

wipe off marker / Marcador de pizarra

small whiteboard (optional) / pizarra de formica (opcional)

$30 per class
Enroll anytime
Ages 5-10
40 min. per class
M-F By appointment

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