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Core Christian Theology


Live or Self-paced

About the Course

Class 1. Theological Foundations - Christian Theology as a discipline is introduced and described, along with prolegomena, or what theologians say before embarking on the theological quest, and sources for doing theology; reflection on the divine nature and human limitations of understanding God.

Class 2. God - The divine attributes of God and the Trinity are discussed as the definitive theological understanding of God shared by all Christians. The question of divine sovereignty and human freedom as an ongoing controversy.

Class 3. Humanity - Humanity as imago Dei, the question of creation, and the content of human nature, including the meaning of the fall, sin, and human destiny.

Class 4. Christology - The God-man as Lord and Savior: the Old Testament precedent for Christ and his first coming; the hypostatic union; the mode and extent of the atonement; the resurrection.


Those who are not able to attend the lectures will be able to view the recording in the online classroom at their convenience. Groups of 5 or more are eligible for discounts. For more information, contact

Ages 18+
Up to 20 participants
4 sessions, 1hr. each

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