A Swedish Midsummer (Ages 6-8)

Learn about a unique cultural tradition!

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About the Course

In this fun class, we will learn about Sweden's unique tradition Midsummer. There are many questions this class will answer:

Why and when do we celebrate Midsummer?

Does the sun ever set during Midsummer?

Why are the city streets empty during this time?

Is it true that Swedes dance like frogs around a pole?

Why do Swedes sleep with seven different flowers under their pillow?

What's the dress code like?

What's the traditional Midsummer food?

What's up with the flower garlands?

Is it true that Midsummer is the most celebrated national tradition after Christmas?

Most importantly, yes, I will demonstrate the famous frog song and dance!

I look forward to seeing you in class,


Nov. 9
Ages 6-8
20 min. per class
Mon-Thu, 10:30-10:50 (EST)

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