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I SPY... the 8 Parts of Speech


Who says learning about the parts of speech can’t be fun? This fun and highly interactive class reviews the basic definition of what each of the 8 parts of speech are while giving young readers plenty of practice individually and as a group learning how to use each one over an 8 week period. With the use of colorful and animated slides, along with fun handouts and weekly review games and activities in and out of class, students will also have opportunities to “Spy” adjectives, adverbs, verbs, prepositions and more throughout each weekly lesson! Each student will also have the opportunity to put their new knowledge to the test at the end of class, where students will practice their skills using whichever part of speech we will be highlighting to describe a show-and-tell item they brought to share! This class is perfect for young readers but can also be helpful for those needing a fun “refresher” in order to prepare for an upcoming quiz or test! And, if you decide to sign up after the course begins, no need to worry! This is a rotating class, so if you missed the week on "Nouns", once we go through all 8 parts of speech, we will return to whichever week you missed.

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DostM.ISPY.1, $7.28/week


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